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Ready for Fair Trade

Cashew Gam represents organized social movements in which companies help farmers and supply chains to create better trading practices. Cashew Gam is committed to engage in ethical business practices and be part of a movement that aims to address and diminish poverty.  The Products met standards that are set by the certifying agent, ensuring that workers are receiving fair prices for crops and commodities.  Cashew Gam strategy is the implementation of a social justice infrastructure that aims to create economic development projects, employment opportunities, and better living conditions that raise the standard and quality of living conditions among those who, in the past, have been marginalized. 



The Gambian economy is characterized by a narrow base with heavy reliance on the agricultural sector which is also the back bone of the national economy. Most importantly, agriculture provides employment for about 75 percent of the labor force, and about 50 percent of national food requirement and three-quarters of national household income earnings.

Cashew Gam production is an additional source of livelihood for both men and women engaged in its value chain activities in the country. It is important crop for household consumption as well as for export thus considered as an additional diversification export crop for the country. In The Gambia, cashew is currently gaining considerable economic importance as high as value crop which attracts remunerative prices both national and international markets.

A High standard and consistent product quality would be the key phrase of the company’s mission statement as the main aim of the project is to internalize the external market to allow it to enjoy economic of scale in its operations.